tco_5798bc88b2bf2 Cognitive Atlas : Collections : ADAScog RDF output for 'ADAScog' InteractiveResource Cognitive Atlas Cognitive Atlas RDF Generator Paul Wright 2016-07-27 13:52:08 text/rdf en Generated by testcol.php on Thu Nov 23 21:30:22 PST 2017. SKOS properties defined in The Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale, was designed specifically to evaluate the severity of cognitive and noncognitive behavioral dysfunctions characteristic of persons with Alzheimer's disease. The cognitive subscale comprises:1. Spoken language ability2. Comprehension of spoken language3. Recall of test instructions4. Word-finding difficulty5. Following commands6. Naming objects and fingers7. Constructional praxis (drawing)8. Ideational praxis9. Orientation10. Word recall11. Word recognitionItems 1-4 are based on the tester's observations throughout the session. The other items are based on specific tasks. ADAScog Task Battery 7