trm_5667441c338a7 Cognitive Atlas : Lexicon : 2nd-order rule acquisition RDF output for '2nd-order rule acquisition' InteractiveResource Cognitive Atlas Cognitive Atlas RDF Generator Jamie Li 2015-12-08 21:00:13 text/rdf en Generated by testgen.php on Sun Nov 19 2:44:34 PST 2017. Revision 2: 1 previous definitions. See for complete revision history. SKOS properties defined in In this task, subjects are presented with 18 stimuli composed of three dimensions: 3 shapes, 3 orientations and 2 colored borders. Subjects had to learn one of three key responses for each of the 18 stimuli. In the "flat" condition, the 18 stimuli to 3 responses mapping was arbitrary, requiring subjects to individually learn each of the 18 associations. In a hierarchical condition, the colored borders indicated whether "orientation" or "shape" determined the response. This simplifies performance if subjects learn this hierarchical structure. 2nd-order rule acquisition 2nd-order decision task, second-order rule acquisition