trm_56abebfe9aaa3 Cognitive Atlas : Lexicon : Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale RDF output for 'Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale' InteractiveResource Cognitive Atlas Cognitive Atlas RDF Generator Jamie Li 2016-02-11 01:47:03 text/rdf en Generated by testgen.php on Sat Nov 18 21:05:29 PST 2017. Revision 2: 1 previous definitions. See for complete revision history. SKOS properties defined in This questionnaire is a list of 34 forced choice questions designed to assess an individuals’ optimal level of stimulation. Sample questions include: I would like to have a job which would require a lot of traveling (choice a) or I would prefer to have a job in one location (choice b). Four factors below: Thrill and adventure seeking (TAS) Experience seeking (ES) Disinhibition (DIS) Boredom susceptibility (BS) Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale