trm_56bbea82c12bb Cognitive Atlas : Lexicon : Emotion Regulation Task RDF output for 'Emotion Regulation Task' InteractiveResource Cognitive Atlas Cognitive Atlas RDF Generator Jamie Li 2016-02-11 01:57:22 text/rdf en Generated by testgen.php on Sat Nov 18 13:14:45 PST 2017. No previous definition revisions. This is the first and only definition provided. SKOS properties defined in Subjects are given the default instruction of viewing a negative image. They have the option to press a button and switch their instructions to "distract" or "reappraise." Electing to press the button and following those instructions will allow subjects to decrease the negative affect they are likely to be experiencing. However, to choose to distract or reappraise, subjects will have to proactively override their (inferior) default state of viewing, which requires monitoring and attention. Emotion Regulation Task