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The ANT is a task designed to test three attentional networks in children and adults: alerting, orienting, and executive control. Efficiency of the alerting network is examined by changes in reaction time resulting from a warning signal. Efficiency of orienting is examined by changes in the reaction time that accompany cues indicating where the target will occur. The efficiency of the executive network is examined by requiring the participant to respond by pressing two keys indicating the direction (left or right) of a central arrow surrounded by congruent, incongruent or neutral flankers.
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"This is the same task as the one called "attention networks task". is duplicated."
JGonzlez Torre (about one year ago)

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Definition contributed by CWhite about one year ago:The Attention Network Test (ANT), designed by Fan and Posner, requires participants to quickly respond to cues given on a computer screen, while having their attention fixated on a center target.


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