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the components of the central and peripheral nervous systems that receive and interpret sensory information from organs in the joints, ligaments, muscles, and skin. This system processes information about the length, degree of stretch, tension, and contraction of muscles; pain; temperature; pressure; and joint position.


somatosensory perception

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is a kind of

  • perception
  • somatosensation
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  • embodied cognition
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    Tasks that are asserted to measure somatosensation

    Task Contrast Measure

    Children's Psychiatric Rating Scale
    • psychosomatic

    brief symptom inventory
    • somatization

    pain monitor/discrimination task
    • subject rating during task minus subject baseline rating
    • areas of activation during task minus baseline

    non-painful thermal stimulation
    • rating of sensation minus baseline
    • areas of activation during task minus baseline

    non-painful electrical stimulation
    • average rating of sensation minus subject rating of sensation