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active maintenance and flexible updating of goal/task relevant information (items, goals, strategies, etc.) in a form that resists interference but has limited capacity. These representations may involve flexible binding of representations, may be characterized by the absence of external support for the internally maintained representations, and are frequently temporary due to ongoing interference

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Tasks that are asserted to measure working memory

Task Contrast Measure

word identification
  • response time to known words minus (or learned words) response time to unknown words

digit/symbol coding test
  • immediate memory copy

digit span task
  • forward
  • backward

free word list recall
  • category list
  • emotion manipulation versus control

forward digit span task
  • length of longest correct sequence

immediate recall test
  • number or percentage of words remembered

complex span test
  • sequence length

face n-back task
  • identity detection
  • emotion detection

delayed match to sample task
  • reaction time to correct stimuli

operation span task
  • operation span of participant minus average operation span of controls

motor fMRI task paradigm
  • Cue

dual-task weather prediction
  • dual task classification learning trials

Wisconsin card sorting test
  • Failure to maintain set

n-back task
  • 1-back
  • 2-back
  • 3-back
  • 3-back minus 1-back

NIH Toolbox List Sorting Working Memory Test
  • number of items correctly recalled

span/supra-span test
  • supra-span minus span

keep-track task
  • accuracy of subject minus average accuracy of controls

delayed nonmatch to sample task
  • delay
  • delay minus no delay

Change Detection Task
  • number correct
  • false positives

WAIS Digit Span
  • number in correct order
  • number correct backward
  • number correct forward


Working memory.
Baddeley A
1992 Jan 31