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disengagement of an irrelevant task set and subsequent engagement of a relevant task set despite interference and/or priming

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set shifting
is a kind of

  • task switching
  • set shifting
    is a part of

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    are a kind of
    set shifting

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    are a part of
    set shifting

  • decision making
  • inhibition
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure set shifting

    Task Contrast Measure

    intradimensional shift task
    • accuracy of subject minus average accuracy of controls

    Uznadze haptic illusion task
    • same size-different size

    Wisconsin card sorting test
    • Total number of categories acheived
    • Failure to maintain set

    • switch trial - repeat trial = switch cost

    set-shifting task
    • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls

    extradimensional shift task
    • accuracy of subject minus average accuracy of controls

    same-different task
    • Accuracy on level 3 minus accuracy on level 1


    The unity and diversity of executive functions and their contributions to complex
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    Cognitive psychology (Cogn Psychol)
    2000 Aug