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the ability to read (and understand) written words

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

visual word recognition
is a kind of

  • word recognition
  • visual word recognition
    is a part of

  • visual sentence recognition
  • are a kind of
    visual word recognition

  • visual pseudoword recognition
  • are a part of
    visual word recognition

  • visual letter recognition
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure visual word recognition

    Task Contrast Measure

    word recognition task
    • number of errors

    functional localizer fMRI tasks
    • video computation

    rhyme verification task
    • word minus baseline

    Probabilistic classification task
    • negative feedback
    • positive feedback
    • feedback

    single-task weather prediction
    • single task classification learning trials

    dual-task weather prediction
    • dual task classification learning trials

    abstract/concrete judgment: bilingual
    • all

    word one-back task
    • words

    deterministic classification
    • feedback

    motor fMRI task paradigm
    • Cue

    emotional regulation task
    • reappraise negative rating