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a combination of the Posner cueing paradigm and the Eriksen flanker test, the ANT presents participants with a target item (>) surrounded by congruent (> > > > >), neutral (- - > - -), or incongruent flanker stimuli. Stimulus presentation is preceded by different cue conditions and the participant is instructed to identify the target stimulus.


ANT, Attentional Network Task

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Phenotypes associated with attention networks test


attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


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IMPLEMENTATIONS of attention networks test
Web-based Configurable Test Paradigm
Original task. e-prime / java / online / short versions for adults and children.
Inquisit 4 version. Adults and children versions.
EXTERNAL DATASETS for attention networks test
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Experimental conditions are the subsets of an experiment that define the relevant experimental manipulation.


In the Cognitive Atlas, we define a contrast as any function over experimental conditions. The simplest contrast is the indicator value for a specific condition; more complex contrasts include linear or nonlinear functions of the indicator across different experimental conditions.

response time

An indicator is a specific quantitative or qualitative variable that is recorded for analysis. These may include behavioral variables (such as response time, accuracy, or other measures of performance) or physiological variables (including genetics, psychophysiology, or brain imaging data).


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