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A class of tasks involving the online maintenance and/or manipulation of verbal information. The Verbal Recognition Memory test, which assesses immediate and delayed memory of verbal information under free recall and forced choice recognition conditions, should provide comparable results. In the VRM test, the participant is shown a list of 12 words, one at a time, and then asked to:
1)produce as many of the words as possible immediately following the presentation.
2)recognize the words they have seen before from a list of 24 words containing the original 12 words and 12 distractors.
3)following a delay of 20 minutes, recognize the words they have seen before from another list of 24 words containing the original list and 12 new distractors.


(VRM), Verbal Recognition Memory

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IMPLEMENTATIONS of verbal working memory task
Configurable web-based test paradigm with presentation, recall, and recognition blocks generated from English or German word pool
This is a general working memory task for may OS, not necessarily the exact task detailed in the description, but relevant for verbal working memory
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Medial and Lateral Networks in Anterior Prefrontal Cortex Support Metacognitive Ability for Memory and Perception

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