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involves retrieval of segmental and supra-segmental information and the generation of a syllabified phonological word, and the computation of the phonetic form of the intended utterance, referred to as phonetic encoding.

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phonological encoding
is a kind of

  • encoding
  • phonological encoding
    is a part of

  • auditory coding
  • are a kind of
    phonological encoding

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    are a part of
    phonological encoding

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure phonological encoding

    Task Contrast Measure

    Differential Ability Scales
    • phonological processing

    PDD Behavior Inventory
    • phonological skills

    Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing
    • phonological memory

    word attack
    • reading comprehension age minus real age

    rapid automatized naming test
    • standard deviation from the mean time

    encoding task
    • # items remembered with encoding task - number remembered without