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reading CONCEPT

Decoding symbols to derive their meaning.

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

is a kind of

  • visual object recognition
  • reading
    is a part of

  • language processing
  • are a kind of

    No associations

    Tasks that are asserted to measure reading

    Task Contrast Measure

    National Adult Reading Test
    • total errors

    NIH Toolbox Oral Reading Recognition Test
    • correct pronunciation

    braille reading task
    • areas of activation while reading words or sentences minus reading control dots

    word attack
    • reading comprehension age minus real age

    Gray Oral Reading Test - 4
    • sum of rate, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension scaled scores


    Demonstrating the implicit processing of visually presented words and pseudowords.
    Price CJ, Wise RJ, Frackowiak RS
    (Cereb Cortex)
    1996 Jan-Feb