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recall CONCEPT

The process of retrieving previously stored information, done without the aid of external cues.

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

is a kind of

  • memory
  • recall
    is a part of

  • declarative memory
  • are a kind of

  • autobiographical recall
  • are a part of

  • memory retrieval
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure recall

    Task Contrast Measure

    Montreal Cognitive Assessment
    • Total score

    Differential Ability Scales
    • recall of sequential order
    • recall of objects
    • recall of digits
    • recall of designs

    doors and people test
    • verbal recognition (names test)
    • visual recall (shapes test)
    • visual recognition (doors test)
    • verbal recall (people test)


    General and specific brain regions involved in encoding and retrieval of events: what, where, and when.
    Nyberg L, McIntosh AR, Cabeza R, Habib R, Houle S, Tulving E
    (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A)
    1996 Oct 1