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reading CONCEPT

Decoding symbols to derive their meaning.

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

is a kind of

  • visual object recognition
  • reading
    is a part of

  • language processing
  • are a kind of

    No associations

    Tasks that are asserted to measure reading

    Task Contrast Measure

    NIH Toolbox Oral Reading Recognition Test
    • correct pronunciation

    Gray Oral Reading Test - 4
    • sum of rate, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension scaled scores

    National Adult Reading Test
    • total errors

    word attack
    • reading comprehension age minus real age

    braille reading task
    • areas of activation while reading words or sentences minus reading control dots


    Demonstrating the implicit processing of visually presented words and pseudowords.
    Price CJ, Wise RJ, Frackowiak RS
    (Cereb Cortex)
    1996 Jan-Feb