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The ability to focus attention on cues in the environment that are relevant to the task in hand; can also include suppression of distracting stimuli

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attentional focusing
is a kind of

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attentional focusing
is a part of

  • attention
  • are a kind of
    attentional focusing

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    are a part of
    attentional focusing

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure attentional focusing

    Task Contrast Measure

    Early Childhood Behavioral Questionnaire
    • attentional focusing

    Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale
    • thinking / concentration

    Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales
    • attention scale

    Children's Memory Scale
    • attention/concentration

    autism spectrum quotient
    • attention to detail

    meditation task
    • meditation versus control decrease in power of alpha oscillations
    • general oscillatory synchrony

    WISC-R Mazes
    • participant score minus average score

    Posner cueing task
    • congruent response time - uncued response time

    operation span task
    • operation span of participant minus average operation span of controls

    • subject score minus population-matched average score

    fixation task
    • fixation time below maximum degree of eye movement

    Penn continuous performance task
    • Target


    A psychophysiological investigation of the continuous flow model of human information processing.
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