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A restricted behavior is a stereotyped pattern of behavior, activity, or interest. Examples include preoccupation with an object, activity, or topic, and this preoccupation is abnormal in intensity or focus. Individuals with restricted behaviors may find it challenging to break away from habit or routine.

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restricted behavior

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restricted behavior

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Tasks that are asserted to measure restricted behavior

Task Contrast Measure

Early Development Interview (EDI)
  • repetitive behavior

broader phenotype autism symptom scale
  • restricted interests

Social Communication Questionnaire
  • restrictive and repetitive behavior

autism diagnostic interview - revised
  • hand and finger mannerisms

Early Childhood Behavioral Questionnaire
  • motor activation

autism diagnostic observation schedule
  • stereotyped behaviors and restricted interests Total

PDD Behavior Inventory
  • ritualisms

aberrant behavior checklist - community
  • Stereotypic Behavior

Social Responsiveness Scale
  • autistic mannerisms

Children's Communication Checklist
  • interests