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An individual's tendency to seek out direct contact with another person or a group of people.

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social motivation
is a kind of

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social motivation
is a part of

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are a kind of
social motivation

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are a part of
social motivation

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Tasks that are asserted to measure social motivation

Task Contrast Measure

Joint Attention / Social and Nonsocial Orienting Task
  • JO social orient percent correct

Early Childhood Behavioral Questionnaire
  • sociability

PDD Behavior Inventory
  • social approach

Conners 3rd Edition
  • peer relations

Children's Communication Checklist
  • initiation

Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales
  • interest involvement
  • initiation of activities

broader phenotype autism symptom scale
  • social interest

big five questionnaire
  • energy/extraversion

Social Responsiveness Scale
  • social motivation