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Performance of an action in accordance with task demands, enacting a specific overt behavior

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response execution
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response execution
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  • action
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    response execution

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure response execution

    Task Contrast Measure

    working memory fMRI task paradigm
    • 2-back Tool
    • 2-back Place
    • 2-back Face
    • 0-back Tool
    • 0-back Body
    • 0-back Place
    • 2-back Body
    • 0-back Face

    ideational praxis task
    • number of steps completed correctly

    following commands
    • highest level of command correctly performed

    object one-back task
    • all

    temporal discounting task
    • easy trials all

    nine-hole peg test
    • standard deviation from the mean score

    Simon task
    • congruent correct

    stop signal task
    • failed stop
    • go trial

    emotion processing fMRI task paradigm
    • Shapes
    • Faces

    deterministic classification
    • deterministic classification trials

    Probabilistic classification task
    • negative feedback
    • positive feedback
    • probabilistic classification trials

    dual-task weather prediction
    • dual task classification learning trials

    Eriksen flanker task
    • congruent correct

    relational processing fMRI task paradigm
    • Relational Processing
    • Matching

    emotional regulation task
    • reappraise negative rating

    classification probe without feedback
    • classification trials: probabilistic
    • classification trials: deterministic

    social cognition (theory of mind) fMRI task paradigm
    • Random Interaction

    social judgment of faces task
    • happiness judgment
    • trustworthiness judgment
    • attractiveness judgment
    • age judgment

    • response time of subject minus response time of controls

    abstract/concrete judgment: bilingual
    • all

    mixed gambles task
    • task minus baseline

    conditional stop signal task
    • unsuccessful stop minus successful stop
    • go-noncritical
    • failed stop-critical
    • failed stop-noncritical

    single-task weather prediction
    • single task classification learning trials

    balloon analogue risk task
    • pumps average
    • cash average